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Our Master Technicians Are Popular Amongst Chelsea, MI Residents For a Reason!

Some of our happiest and most loyal and faithful customers reside in the beautiful town of Chelsea, and we think we have uncovered the secret as to why: We give it our all when we receive a request from a concerned customer in Chelsea because they are worried about a potential flooding hazard or a leaky pipe.

Our plumbers are aware of the amazing reputation our company bears throughout the city of Chelsea and they are eager to continue providing the quality services that make us the amazing plumber Chelsea MI specialists we are known to be throughout the area.

TL Plumbing and Drain Cleaning are masterful when it comes to making sure that customers know that they are so much more to us than simply a number and a checkpoint on our clipboard. The golden rule of treating others the way we’d like to be treated has, over the years, woven it’s way through every phone call and every single customer we communicate with. But most of all, our value for the golden rule is pretty apparent in the projects we complete day in and day out.

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30+ Years Experience
Anytime We Notice Chelsea Plumbing and Water Systems Change, We Keep Up!

Your Chelsea and Dexter Plumbing Pros

Consistently, the plumbing and water systems and even the way local city water supply companies filter our water is ever-changing. And we know that unfortunately, a failure to realize those changes, even if it is a minor shift, can result in a less than quality project completion from our technicians. • Available weekends for emergency repair services • 100% service guarantee
• Licensed and insured

Because of this realization, we are to remain well-informed when it comes to water supply and plumbing trends in our city.
For example, if it becomes apparent to us that more customers are installing sump pumps than normal, then we can assume that Chelsea, plumber tasks are about to speed up and we will brush up on our knowledge of installing sump pumps, whether we think we need it or not.


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Here is our theory: We’d rather be well-studied than ill-prepared. Therefore, we are consistently committed to expanding our minds and learning new material, so that we are able to assist more people and compete as the top master plumbers in Chelsea, MI.
Making Sure You Hire Time-Efficient Plumber Professionals:

When you’re having a plumbing concern, the last thing you want is for a hired technician to waste your time. Thankfully, we know that. Our Dexter plumbing and Chelsea plumbing customers’ time is precious to us too. And so, we are certainly not time wasters and we make sure to focus on the work in front of us, one task at a time, done with precision.


Quality over quantity is always a good idea when it comes to approaching our customers’ plumbing problems. Our ability to work with focus while also maximizing on our time and yours is one of the great things that sets TL Plumbing and Drain Cleaning apart in Chelsea, MI.

you are searching for a team of master plumbing technicians and experts who will give your plumbing needs careful attention and treat you with the utmost respect, give us a call today.